Dwayne Johnson Ryan Reynolds and King Will Smith have Hollywood’s highest salaries per movie – Dwayne 20M Ryan 27M Will 35Million ! www.rerri.casa


Despite cutting costs, some actors still command high salaries.



Netflix’s efforts to take over the entertainment world has yielded huge paydays for Hollywood’s elite, giving actors like Will Smith a $35 million check to be in films like Bright 2.

While production studios are limiting the amounts of money they are giving out, Netflix is still handing out huge checks, such as the $7 million that will be given to Ryan Reynolds to be the stage of Six Underground. The film is a Michael Bay production that will tell the story of a vigilante squad that is financed by a billionaire.


According to Variety, the $27 million that Reynolds will make will place him among the highest paid actors list for a single role.

Recently revealed salaries highlight Dwayne Johnson at $20 million for his role in the upcoming Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. That number is matched by Robert Downey Jr. who is leaving behind Ironman to star in The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle. Will Smith’s return to Bad Boys will bring him $17 million.

Emily Blunt will return to the A Quiet Place series for a sequel that will bring her $12 to $13 million. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman sequel will bring her $10 million and Margot Robbie’s DC role of Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey will bring in $9 to $10 million.

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Sources close to Netflix are in disagreement in an offer reportedly provided to Denzel Washington. One source says Oscar winner reportedly fielded a $30 million offer before choosing other projects, however, another denies a specific salary was discussed.

Hollywood trends reveal that big franchises are not tossing out the big checks they used to, evident by Tom Cruise bringing in a range of $12 to $14 million for reprising his Maverick character for a Top Gun reboot.


Additional details reveal while Netflix deals do offer larger numbers initially, the figure agreed upon in negotiations will not budge due to the success of a film.

View additional salaries and pay trends for your favorite movie stars here.

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